Wood Boring Insect Control
We offer professional wood boring insect control to customers throughout the UK.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm treatment

London Pest Management provide a professional woodworm treatment service for business customers & individuals.


A woodworm is not a specific species. It is the larval stage of certain woodboring beetles including ambrosia beetles,bark borer beetle, common furniture beetles, death watch beetle, house longhorn beetle, powder post beetle and vaious type of weevil.

Disease & Dangers

In general wood boring insects are not disease carriers, however, as with any insect you do not know where they have been so the chance of them crawling over something "nasty" and transferring bacteria to your surfaces is a real one. Older properties may suffer structural damage from large scale infestation of woodworm.

Woodboring Insect Rogues Gallery

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