Insect Control
Wood boring insects can damage furniture & antiques and cause structural damage to your property.

Wood Boring Insect Control

The term wood boring beetle encompasses many species and families of beetles whose larval or adult forms eat and destroy wood. Larval stages of some are commonly known as woodworms.

There are several wood boring beetles found in the UK, the most common being:-

Death Watch Beetle

Death Watch Beetle is a native British insect, which naturally inhabits the dead wood of several hardwood species found in the UK - it is often found in chuches....

Furniture Beetle

The commmon furniture beetle only attacks seasoned sapwood timber, not live or fresh wood. Also, it usually does not attack heartwood timbers....


Woodworm is a general term for larval stage of a number of types of beetle, the amount of damage will depend on the species of beetle & type of wood involved...

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