Insect Control
There are numerous species of insect in the UK some of which are an annoyance while others pose a serious health risk

Insect Control

London Pest Management provide a professional bug control, insect control & extermination & control service for business customers & individuals alike.

Insects are by far the most numerous species on earth and represent a variety of risks ranging from simple annoyance to serious health implications.

Please choose your insect group:-

Stinging Insects

There are several species of stinging insect commonly found in the UK, including wasps, bees & hornets - contact us for wasp extermination, wasps nest removal and wasp control services...

Biting Insects

Our biting insects include bedbugs, fleas & moqsquitos, find out about our services including how we get rid of bedbugs & our flea extermination, flea control & flea treatment services...

Flying Insects

With thousands of species of flies, bees, wasps & other flying insects found in the UK, what can we do to help you get rid of flies or carry out our wasps nest removal service...

Crawling Insects

Wether it is garden ants, cockroaches or spiders - crawling insects can be nothing more than a nuisance pest or more serious in the case of cockroaches, a serious health risk...

Wood Boring Insects

Wood boring insects attack wood and can decimate your furniture & antiques and cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your building...

For more information regarding stinging insect extermination & control in Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford, Northampton or anywhere else in the London, Central England or the UK, please contact us for further details of our insect extermination & insect control services.